Orovela’s Distillery is the first new craft distillery to open in Georgia for decades.
    It marks a welcome return to artisan distilling in the eastern region of Kakheti, which is already known
    as Georgia’s premier wine-producing area.

  • Orovela uses a custom-built pot and column combi still.
    Handcrafted in Germany, the still is specifically designed to produce a host of spirits including varieties of
    chacha, eau de vie, brandy, vodka, whiskey and gin.

  • At Orovela, we believe that the purest spirits come from the best ingredients, which is reflected in the way we grow all our own grain and fruit.
    Moreover, we shun the common industry practice of using pre-made spirits, instead distilling everything in-house, from scratch.

  • Our philosophy is simple and honest;
    what we grow goes straight to the bottle.