What’s in a name?
    For centuries, the Georgians have paid homage to the soil which generates its rich viticulture; this reverence is celebrated in the lyrical harmonies of the ‘Orovela’ or, traditional ploughing song, which in the past would echo throughout the land. This tradition is still maintained today, although mainly in concert halls, linking modern-day Georgians with their forefathers.

  • Giorgi and Vasili Sulkhanishvili

    The Orovela winery and distillery is the brainchild of Giorgi Sulkhanishvili. After learning his craft working for a major wine and spirits company, Giorgi and his brother Vasili Sulkhanishvili set up their own label; Orovela.

  • Almost immediately, Orovela’s range of wines gained international recognition and critical acclaim; British Master of Wine, Jancis Robinson OBE, for example, described Orovela Saperavi 2004 as “the best Georgian wine I have ever tasted”.
    Orovela wines were soon embraced by world renowned retailers like Waitrose. These days, Orovela Saperavi is regarded as a grand wine; a 1er Cru Saperavi of Georgia.
    From the outset, Giorgi and Vasili’s ambition was to create a contemporary new take and modernity on Georgian wines and spirits already steeped with heritage and provenance.

  • Working collaboratively with London based drinks branding and packaging company Stranger & Stranger, Orovela and Oro Craft Spirits combined forces to create the contemporary and aspirational brand enjoyed today.
    The Orovela range presents an exciting opportunity for connoisseurs to savour the modern rich tones of Georgian winemaking and distillation excellence. For sophisticated wine lovers in the know, Orovela provides a daring departure from the herd, and an excellent alternative to more predictable wines and spirits.