Orovela’s vineyards are breath-taking. The region of Kakheti, located on the right bank of the Alazani River, is an area of outstanding natural beauty which produces 70 per cent of all Georgian wine.

  • Nearby, the villages of Khorkheli, Koghoto and Alaverdi, site of the 11th Century Georgian Orthodox Monastery, play their part in Georgia’s rich history. The Caucasus and Tsiv Gombori Mountain ranges add to the beauty and drama of the landscape.

  • For centuries Georgia’s vineyards (all 37,000 hectares of them) have been an integral and vital part of the country’s landscape. 520 metres above sea level, the terraced vineyards resemble the sea’s waves.

  • Kakheti’s microclimate of hot summers and mild winters contributes to the depth and richness of its grapes; it is here that Orovela grows Saperavi red, and Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli, Kisi and Sauvignon Blanc white grapes.